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Oracle Application Express


Plug-in: Modal LOV

Introducing a new Modal LOV plug-in Wait, another Modal LOV plug-in? But several others have been published over the years! Yes, but now with support for the Interactive Grid, Universal Theme, and Modal Dialog...


Plug-in: IG – Set items

This plug-in lets you bind APEX page items to Interactive Grid columns and vice-versa. Demo: Download: Source: I plan to release several IG plug-ins for my Kscope18 presentation Customizing the Interactive...


Plug-in: redirect (Dynamic Action)

I’ve been using this very simple plug-in in my projects for a while now and finally published it at Redirects in Oracle APEX In APEX there are multiple ways to redirect...


Plugin: APEX Tree – Refresh (version 1.1)

I updated my plugin to refresh the APEX 5.0 Tree. Plugin:¬† Demo:¬† What’s new Improved functionality to remember expanded and selected nodes after refresh. Added support for refreshing an empty tree (useful when adding...


How to add a toolbar to an APEX page

First of all, take a look at this demo. The goal Display page buttons as part of a toolbar. These could be top-level toolbar buttons or buttons inside a (sub)menu. How? By creating an...